Year-Round Installation

The nature of the mechanical installation means the produc can be installed year-round, regardless of weather conditions. An approved urethane caulking is applied between the products and brushed with a silica sand to achieve the look of a mortar joint.

Traditional and Contemporary Exteriors

The original tiles in the Stonetile collection were inspired by the Sandstone era. With the introduction of the Contemporary and Urban Stone lines, Signature Exteriors is able to offer more variety in exterior design.

Experienced Installers

Robert has 20 years of experience installing and distributing Stonetile. Your renovation or new-build is in the right hands with SigEx.

High Quality Materials

The production raw materials are among the purest in the industry. Pure crushed limestone agregate results in a contaminant-free concrete with high density and low water absorption.

25 Year Warranty

Stonetile and Signature Exteriors are proud of the work we do. So proud that we have you covered for 25 years after the completion of your project. Warranty stays with the property and requests can be made over the phone.

Supply-Only Requests

For a more cost-friendly option, supply-only requests are available. Warranty is not included in this request. Contact a SigEx representative for more information.

Mechanically Fastened

Each tile is produced with at least two embedded galvanized hangers. This system allows our craftsmen to simply screw the tiles and mouldings onto wooden sub-surfaced with corrosion resistant screws. The minimun plywood or OSB thickness is 3/8″.

Rain-Screen System

The back of each tile or moulding unit is securely embedded with galvanizaed hangers designed to create a 10 mm air space between the product and the substrate. This allows moisture to escape, protecting the supporting wall from water damage.

Free Quotes

Email, phone, or send us a message to get your home or new development quoted.

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